Small Business

Resources for small business success

Small business is big business in the Tulsa Metro Area. Eighty-two percent of all businesses in the Tulsa MSA have fewer than 10 employees. That’s 29,020 businesses…all of which create a total economic impact of $3.1 billion a year. These small businesses provide more than 55,000 primary jobs and an estimated payroll of $1.4 billion annually. 

Small business
  • Fuels the economy
  • Provides meaningful, well-compensated employment
  • Builds the reputation of innovation for the region
  • Attracts workers and customers to the area
The Chamber recognizes the significance of small business to provide a positive and stable economy and invests in a variety of initiatives benefiting local small businesses.

These initiatives include the Small Business Council, Let's Do Business, SourceLink Tulsa,  Entrepreneur's Guide, The Circuit networking series, and the Small Business Awards.