Discounted office supplies for members only

Save more money now with Office Depot

Office Depot, Inc. and the Tulsa Regional Chamber have partnered to provide exclusive savings on office supplies for our members.

Discounted items include: 
     • Office supplies
     • Technology
     • Furniture
     • Digital print services
     • Coffee and break room supplies 

The top 100 Tulsa Regional Chamber core list.

Cleaning and breakroom discount product list.

Benefits include:
1. Next day delivery (in all major markets) and free shipping for all orders over $50.
2. Top 100 Item Chamber Discount List.
    o Copy paper and toner discounted 15 percent off lowest “retail” price found in-store and online.
    o General supplies discounted 30 percent off lowest “retail” price found in-store and online.
3. Take an additional 5 percent off everyday lowest price both in-store and online for all other purchases
4. Now over 98 percent of items qualifty for at least a 5 percent discount discount off the everyday lowest store or web price. 

Click here to register today.

For questions or problems signing up, contact the Office Depot representative Bobby Bingham.

For more information or questions about Chamber membership, contact Karen Humphrey at 918-560-0250.