Government Affairs

Representing the region at the State Capitol and in Washington, D.C.

With the formation of OneVoice in 2007, the Tulsa Regional Chamber has adopted the mission of uniting Tulsa regional programs, organizations and partners to create one legislative agenda reflecting a unified commitment to improve and develop economic stability for northeast Oklahoma. Once the OneVoice priorities have been established, the Chamber accompanies a group to the state capital and Washington, D.C., to make their presence known and voices heard.

The result is a stronger, louder voice effecting change and producing positive results for Tulsa and its regional partners in relation to various issues of interest.

Two prominent goals in the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s long-term strategic initiatives are directly related to strategic success to ensure the Tulsa region continuously achieves its public policy agenda at the local, state and federal level.

Goal 1 – Build and maintain regional legislative coalitions.
1.1 Continue to improve regional action group’s effectiveness.
1.2 Continuously improve process to gather input and buy-in to regional agenda
1.3 Foster an effective partnership among the cities, county and chambers.
1.4 Establish and sustain effective regional relationships with public officials at the local, state and federal level.

Goal 2 – Achieve local and regional legislative success.
2.1 Create an effective, recurring, regional visioning process to develop joint local, state and federal agendas on short and long-term policy and capital priorities.
2.2 Proactively engage regional members, leaders and partners in the legislative process.
2.3 Achieve equitable return of state and federal funding to the Tulsa region and maintain a scorecard of success.
2.4 Build effective legislative staff and consulting team.
2.5 Create PACs and “bundling” operations to help drive legislative agendas at the local and state levels.